weekend of Jan. 29-31 (Favorite Film Fest)

You voted for them…now they’re here…Thanks Listening Room!!!

1) Pan’s Labyrinth (Fri. 4:30; Sat. 7:30; Sun. 1:30):

2) The Shining (Fri. 7:30; Sat. 10:30):

3) Blazing Saddles (Fri. 10:30; Sat. 1:30):

***All screenings in Harris Cinema***


finals week


Monday: Looney Tunes

Tuesday: Rocky and Bullwinkle

Wednesday: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Thursday: The Angry Beavers

***All cartoons will be shown from 8-11pm in Forum South Lounge***

weekend of nov. 20-22

FREE FALAFELS!!!!!!!! while watching West Bank Story Friday @ 8pm in JRC 101 

1) UP (Fri. 4:30; Sat. 7:30; Sun. 1:30) in Harris Cinema 

2) Field of Dreams –Best of AFI Series (Sat. 1:30 and 10:30) in Harris Cinema

Also, don’t forget to make it to the interactive viewing of Rocky Horror Picture Show Friday at 10pm in Harris Cinema